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1. How early should we reserve you?


There are obviously busier times of the year than others. We take some bookings 2 years in advance and some last minute. It is good is to book as early as possible.


2. What is the deposit and when is final payment due?


A 50% deposit is due with the signed contract and final payment is due a week prior to the the event. We accept cash, as well as, all major credit cards.



3. What kind of sound & lighting equipment do you use?


Only the highest quality commercial grade sound application & lighting equipment will be used at your event.


4. Will the music be really loud?


We strive for the best possible sound at the appropriate level. During dinner the music will sound great even at a lower level and during dancing a more intense full sound directed toward the dance floor.


5. Do you provide a contract?


Yes, all the terms and conditions will be clearly stated with your start & end time, type of setup, payment schedule etc.


6. What type of attire will our DJ have?


Our attire depends on the event and your wishes. Anything from a formal tuxedo, suit & tie to a t-shirt & shorts, depending on your attire request.


7. Can you handle all the announcing duties?


Yes, all your announcing needs will be handled professionally without any undue chatter and to your specifications.


8. Are you Insured?


Yes, we are insured and will provide a copy of the policy upon request.


9. Do you provide backup equipment?


Yes, backup equipment is an important part of the DJ system.


10. How is music and planning handled for my event?


We make it fun and easy for you... We will suggest popular genres and music for you and you can select songs! Music requests from your guests are welcome if you so desire. If there are special songs that you would like to bring on CD to be played, just make sure to have them to us no later than 2 weeks before your event date.


11. How much music do you bring?


We offer an extensive and diverse music library that contains all different styles and types of songs from the 50’s & 60’s to today’s hottest hits. We bring over 50,000 songs to each function but you can search my entire music database of over 300,000 songs and create your own music request and do-not-play lists.


12. Do you offer free online planning?


Yes! To plan your event online, go to the Online Event Planning page and choose your type of event from the selection of planning forms. Just input all the information about your party on the form and get organized! You can pick music you would like, indicating songs that are “Must Plays” and also songs that are definite “Don't Plays”. The planning forms help you organize the party and we will work off of it during the event. If you need help with your planning. We are available for consultation as much as necessary leading up to your party.


13. Do you have to tip the DJ?


Adding a gratuity to the final payment is entirely up to you. It is a very nice way of saying thank you for the great job! But in no way are you obligated to tip.  10-20% of the total has been customary in the past.


14. Do you have to Feed the DJ?


You are not required to provide food for the DJ although it is a nice and welcomed gesture.


15. When do you get to the event?


We like to set up one or two hours before the start time to ensure that everything is working properly and to have time to review the party plans. Setup time and breakdown time are NOT something that you pay for.


16. Do you take breaks?


You will receive non-stop continuous dj services, hosting and music for the length of your party. That is a big difference between DJ’s and Bands.


17. Who will I get for a DJ?


Excellence will provide you with a professional, experienced DJ that best fits the need of you and your event.


18. What area do you provide your service and how far will you travel?


Excellence covers the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. We are willing to travel outside of this area to perform at your event. Travel charges and/or lodging may be required depending on the distance.


19. Will you work with my other vendors?


Absolutely. We will work very closely with your banquet manager, photographer, videographer and any other vendors you have at your event to ensure we are all working from the same script. We will coordinate with all of them so that you can relax and enjoy your day instead of being asked the same questions over and over from every vendor.                                                                                                



Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you have or to set up a FREE NO Obligation consultation.

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