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DJ Tina Marie

Anthony"DJ Spano"Spano

Our owner and head entertainer, Joe, started entertaining professionally in 1990, and has entertained at over 1000 events ranging from Wedding Receptions and Corporate Events, to Retirement Parties, as well as, Major Nightclubs and music festivals. He has DJed in multiple countries and many cities including Detroit, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville and Toronto, just to name a few.


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Originally from Oklahoma, DJ Spano, now resides in Phoenix, AZ. He has entertained at over 500 weddings and about 200 birthday parties and corporate events.

"I enjoy the energy, laughter, smiles and pure joy of life's special moments. I take my job very seriously. Each event is my most important one."

Originally from Michigan, Tina Marie moved to Scottsdale, AZ and was instantly drawn to the Electronic Dance Music scene. Having worked in the industry from bartender to go-go dancer, it was only natural for her to transition to the music side.

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