We only use the highest quality, professional grade equipment. We want your event to be truly special and above average, that's why we only use the best!

JBL SRX815P/ SRX828SP / SRX818SP / PRX715 / PRX812W

DJ Conrollers / Turntables / Mixers:

Technics 1200 Mk5

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 / DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer DDJ-SX2


Shure BLX24/SM58 Handheld

Wireless Microphone System

Shure BLX188/CVL Dual Channel Lavalier Wireless System

Shure Countryman E6i Earset Microphone

Lighting / Visual Effects:

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC

Martin RUSH Wizard

Chauvet SlimPAR 64

Eliminator Lighting Flash 192

Technics 1200 Mk5

ADJ VF1300 Fogger